About Us


Our firm began more than twenty five years ago. Brigitta Strand joined the firm in 1984 and Debra Boyce joined the firm in 1996. Kelly O'Shaughnessy joined the firm part time while still a student in college in 1988.  The firm currently has eleven members including professional and support staff.


We appreciate the confidence our clients place in us, and we do not take it for granted. We believe that the most important thing we can do for our clients is to help them plan for the future. We encourage our clients to seek advice before entering into transactions, rather than after. It is easier to plan ahead than attempt to make the best of a situation after the fact.

We believe that it is important to work with your other financial advisors (estate attorneys, insurance agents and investment advisors) when assisting you with your individual, trust and estate issues, to achieve a cohesive financial plan.

We believe that we can be most helpful to our clients when we understand their businesses and can work with them to achieve their business goals. We support our client organizations as they grow and develop, make decisions (and assess whether goals are met), and take action systematically (i.e. see the big picture). Such support can take the form of facilitating or participating in planning discussions, Board retreats, and other methods.

Our job is to help you find solutions to the financial and tax issues that arise in your business and personal life. We understand that when you have a question, a concern, or an idea, you want to be able to discuss it, figure out a plan of action, and move on.

Member : American Institute of CPAs, California Society of CPAs

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