Client Services

Strand Boyce O'Shaughnessy, CPAs, Inc. focuses on helping closely held businesses and individuals. Our primary services include business and tax consulting services, financial statement preparation, audits of overhead rates for government contractors, and tax preparation. Our client base is especially strong in professional service corporations (architects, engineers, designers, construction management, physicians, consultants, attorneys, and scientists), investment partnerships, government contractors, and real estate (including real estate partnerships). Our clients include a variety of other businesses, among them a franchised restaurant chain, retail establishments, equipment manufacturers and insurance brokers. Our clients operate as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and sole proprietors.

Because our client base is particularly strong with government contractors, we have developed an understanding of the specific accounting requirements for governmental contracts. We audit, review, and compile overhead rates (mostly for our engineers, construction management, and other professional service clients). We speak the "FAR" (if you have to ask what that is, you're not a government contractor).

We happily work with a wide variety of non-profit organizations, assisting them with accounting,  tax, and other compliance issues.  We also offer financial audit services to small non-profit organizations.

In addition to general compliance work, we help our business clients plan how to increase business profitability and plan how to structure transactions to generate the most beneficial tax result. Our business clients operate in a variety of states and we assist them with the regulatory filings and record keeping needed to correctly report to each state.

Individual clients who don't have a business, as such, are welcome clients as well. Many of our individual clients have real estate holdings and rely on our advice to structure sales, and help with tax-deferred exchanges. A number of our clients work for public corporations that grant stock options, and often tax planning is required to determine when to exercise the options.

We believe that it is important to work with your other financial advisors (estate attorneys, insurance agents and investment advisors) when assisting you with your individual, trust and estate issues.

Geographically, our clients are primarily in the Bay Area. We also have clients located throughout the U.S. While we may not recognize some of our clients anymore if they were to show up at our office (some clients moved over 10 years ago), thanks to phone, fax and e-mail it is as easy to be accessible to our out-of-state clients as it is to local clients.

Our clients tell us that they appreciate the prompt, personal attention that we provide.

Services we provide include:

Business consulting
Tax consulting
Financial statement preparation

Audits of small non-profit organizations
Audits of indirect cost rates under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Tax preparation:
Income tax returns (corporate, partnership, individual, and trust)
Estate and Gift tax returns
Non-profit annual returns
Business property tax
Sales tax
Payroll tax
Information returns (1099s)

Accounting/bookkeeping assistance

Retirement planning
Cash flow and budgeting

We also offer:
A sympathetic ear you can vent your frustrations to
A shoulder to lean on or cry on when the going gets tough
Hands to clap and applaud your latest success

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